Ambulatory care facilities, medical office buildings and other types of outpatient care facilities are becoming the preferred arenas for the delivery of health care services based on reimbursement tends and the ability to deliver services at a lower cost.  Many of these are hospital owned and on hospital campuses.  However, more and more of these are located off-campus and form a spoke/hub model for the convenience of the patients and expanding a system’s service area.  It is also not uncommon for a group of physicians or a corporate entity to construct their own facility.  Most of these now incorporate wellness and alternative medical services as it is far better to keep the population healthy then to absorb the cost of treating them for chronic diseases.  Services are also being located in less traditional settings including grocery stores, drug stores and RV’s.  Our firm’s outpatient care portfolio is comprehensive. Our staff has worked and is working with major health systems as well as individual hospitals to develop strategies and facilities that meet these new demands.


Ambulatory Care