Our firm has become specialists in developing effective designs for physician office suites.  We have completed approximately 250 projects of this type, ranging from primary care to suites for specialists that often include an ambulatory surgery center or procedure suite as a component of the design.  Sometimes our services are in connection with minor changes to an existing suite to resolve a problem.  However, the majority of these projects are new suites in buildings either designed by us or others. Times are rapidly changing.  Patients are no longer willing to sit in a waiting room for any significant period of time.  They want to be seen in a timely manner.  With reductions in reimbursement, practices also need to move patients through efficiently to be able to increase daily volumes.  New trends in the delivering of primary patient care include patient centered medical home models.  Our designs are based upon years of experience and incorporate new efficient models that still maintain patient dignity and privacy.


Physician Practices