Support services generally do not provide direct clinical care to patients although they are an important component of patient care.  They typically include information technology, food service, laboratory services, pharmacy services, materials management, central sterile processing and environmental services.  We often refer to these as off-stage services, meaning with a few exceptions (i.e. cafeteria, blood draw, etc.), they do not necessarily need to occupy prime space, visible to the public.  However, this does not mean that they have to be placed in the basement as is too often the case.  They need to be located were they are most effective.  For instance, our firm has located clinical pharmacies immediately adjacent to critical care units, to facilitate interaction between the pharmacists, and both patients and staff.  Departments also need to be located to facilitate the flows of both materials and supplies (both clean and soiled). Our team works diligently to design and locate these departments effectively.


Support Departments